Top 5 Reasons To Consider A Webcam Job with Diamond House Studios

1.) Schedule flexibilty, the idea of having to be at a job that has inconvenient hours for your life is the old way of doing things, more and more people are working from home to better suit their personal lives.

2.) Great money, you will see some outrageous claims from other webcam companies claiming you'll get rich quick but the truth is you still have to work hard and if you do you can expect to earn a very comfortable living as a webcam model.

3.) It's a fun job, a lot of our webcam models truly have fun with their work, becoming a cam model doesn't mean you have to do anything you're not willing to do, they interact with their fans and their fans reward them by paying them well and giving plenty of gifts which in turn makes for a really fun career.

4.) Webcam Jobs aren't going anywhere, We are sure you've read the stories about the adult industry being saturated and there's no money anymore and that's simply not true. The adult industry is one of the worlds oldest professions and there will always be a market for it. The beauty of webcam jobs is nobdody can pirate a 1 on 1 conversation with their favorite webcam model. They must pay for that live interaction, which means your job is secure.

5.) Diamond House Studios is truly different, we will let the proof speak for itself, our webcam models have made a great living, we have provided our models with bonuses, trips, spa days, shopping sprees you name it and we have the proof for all of it. Getting a webcam job with Diamond House Studios isn't just a job it's a lifestyle. Follow us on social media to see for yourself! Instagram @DiamondHouseStudios

Webcam Modeling | The Future Of The Adult Industry

A recent article in Vegas Seven Magazine highlights how webcam jobs are the future of the adult industry. There are so many questions surrounding how people even make money now with the popularity of tube sites like xvideos, porn hub etc and the answer is simple. You can't pirate chatting live with the girl next door or your favorite pornstar. Men, women and transgenders from all over the world are cashing in on webcam jobs from the privacy of their own home and making millions of dollars.

After the AVN awards creating it's own category for webcam models and the Xbiz conference in Hollywood hosting classes for webcam models and studios it became clear that webcam models are here to stay and change the industry forever. Now with a decent computer, internet and a webcam with the right studio to teach you the ins and outs of the webcam business anyone can log on and make a great deal of money online.

Diamond House Studios is the premier studio in the webcam job industry and if you are interested in becoming a webcam model from a reputable studio who spends thousands of dollars a month in driving traffic to our webcam models then send us an application and we will get you started as soon as possible.

Webcam Job updates & news from Diamond House Studios

Ok I applied for my new webcam job, now what?

Once you have applied for your webcam job you will get a confirmation email and then you will get several other emails that require your personal information for tax purposes and a model form that we need signed for legal purposes. You will also receive tips on how to make the most money as a webcam model and a payroll form so we can either direct deposit your money or send you a check.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT and we STRONGLY recommend that you log on at least 12 hours a week for your first month and make sure it's 3-4 hours straight each time. If your profile becomes inactive then you will be dropped from our network, we get a lot of applications for new webcam models every day and we can not afford to take up space with people who don't plan on working.

Working from home as a webcam model is not an overnight million dollar paycheck, you are a business now and businesses don't make a ton of money their first day. You will have to stay online to build a fan base and regular customers, once people see you online and recognize you they will open up to you and spend more money with you. Your new webcam job will require you to have a great work ethic and not be easily discouraged, there will be slow days and really good days but what's most important is that you keep logging on and NEVER give up.

Why Diamond House Studios?

Chances are if you're here you've been thinking about starting a job as a webcam model and you've seen several different studios offer a bunch of perks and promises of crazy money. Diamond House Studios is more of your partner in the webcam industry instead of someone just promising you the world to get you in the door. We have a dedicated team of current & former webcam models to help you every step of the way and show you the road to success.

Starting a webcam job can be nervewrecking and you can have a lot of questions. Rest assured that Diamond House Studios will always be here 24/7 for anything you may need. Our webcam networks offer new bonuses for top performers every month and there are a ton of ways to make money as a webcam model. We have personally coached some of the top names in the webcam and adult industry and have made strategic partnerships with the best webcam companies to make you the most money possible.

If you are thinking about starting a job as a webcam model Apply Here and get started on being your own boss today!

Stripper vs Webcam Model

If you are thinking about joining the adult industry you're not alone there are millions of dollars being made in this business and one of the main questions we get is what's the difference between becoming a stripper or a webcam model?

If you become a stripper you will have to interact with your clients directly in person which can be scary for some people. If you become a webcam model you will have to interact with your clients but you will be able to do so very discreetly from your home and there is no way for someone to find out who you really are or where you are broadcasting from.

It's all about personal preference when it comes to exotic dancing or becoming a webcam model. If you are ok with being seen in person and having someone you know potentially see you then it is great money. If you want to become a webcam model but remain private for personal reasons we can make sure that all people from your home state will be blocked so they can not access your profile. A lot of webcam models find this option very helpful and wind up signing up for a webcam job vs becoming a stripper.

Are webcam jobs still making good money?

Yes! We're not just saying that either, we have the pay stubs to prove it. The webcam job industry makes millions of dollars and there are a ton of ways to earn money in this career. Diamond House Studios has mastered the art of making money online with webcam jobs.

A lot of webcam job websites will simply sign you up, Diamond House Studios will be your partner in the webcam industry, afterall the more money you make the more money we make. That is why we will be here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about your new webcam job and how to make the most money.

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