Equipment needed for your new webcam job

High Definition (HD) Webcam (Preferred Logitech 920 or Logitech 930)

Our software requires that you broadcast your shows online in HD. This makes for a better experience with the viewer. We have picked out a few webcams that our top models use and have had a lot of success with. If you need help picking out a new camera for your webcam job let us know.

High Speed Internet

You must have high speed internet to broadcast live on webcam

If you visit you will be able to easily test the speed of your internet. If you want to go live as a webcam model your internet must be able to handle the bandwidth that you will be getting from our chat rooms. Our models get millions of visitors to our website a day and sometimes you will be broadcasting with hundreds at a time so having a high quality internet is a must. If you need assistance finding faster internet in your area send our support team an email at

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