Frequently Asked Webcam Job Questions

What do I need to start my webcam job?

You will need high speed internet, a comfortable place to work, and a fairly new computer with a High Definition (HD) webcam.

Do I have a schedule?

No, you do not have a set schedule. However we do recommend you're on around the same time usually because as you build up fans they will likely be on at the same time throughout the day and that means more money for you!

How do I stop my friends and family from finding out about my webcam job?

We take your privacy very seriously at Diamond House Studios. We have the ability to block certain states so nobody will be able to see your profile if they live in a certain area.

Do I have to get naked?

No you do not. You have the right to say no to anything you're not comfortable with. There are several models online that do very well from non nude/teasing shows that cater to specific fetishes.

How do I get paid?

There are several different payment options we can offer you depending on what network we select for you but 90% of our models choose to receive direct deposit bi-weekly. We can also send you a paper check from our discreet company name that will have no trace back to your webcam job.

What if I want to apply as a couple?

Couples accounts are approved on a case by case basis only. You have to remember that there is free porn all over the net. What makes webcam models successful is the 1 on 1 personal interaction that the customer feels when getting to know the model.

How much do webcam models really make?

How much you make is entirely up to you. Remember, every top earner on the net was once new. Many companies will tell you anything to get you to sign up. We however are not one of those companies. Webcam modeling is a job. Those who understand that and are able to work it like one tend to do very well with us. How much you make though depends on a number of factors. Personality, consistency, etc, all play a role in whether or not you will succeed on our network. Our part time webcam models work 4 hours straight a day 5 days a week. They average $1000 - $1500 a pay period. Our full time models cam 8 hours a day and treat it like a full time job. Once they build a customer base they average $5,000 - $7,500 a pay period with us. The pay periods run bi-weekly.

Why choose Diamond House Studios?

We are a trusted name in the industry with over 10 years in the adult business. We have partnerships with the biggest names in webcam modeling and in the adult industry, Diamond House Studios offers the highest payouts, the best 24/7 model support and we have proven strategies to make you the most possible money online.